Thursday, December 20, 2012

Austin Friends of Traditional Music 
Young Musician's Grant 

To do this, you got to know how. 

Whether it's Round Peak banjo, Swing guitar, , Piedmont blues, Bluegrass fiddle, or Old-time mandolin, the best way to learn traditional music is from someone who knows how.

The music has come down to us in an unbroken chain from one generation to the next, by hand and in person. That is still the best way to learn. The Austin Friends of Traditional Music is dedicated to helping keep the chain unbroken and preserving musical traditions as they evolve among those who still do know how!

In cooperation with Warren Wilson Warren College of North Carolina, the AFTM is proud to announce its Young Musician's Grant program for 2013. Anyone in the Austin area under the age of 26 may apply. Musicians will be selected from the entries to attend master classes at the annual Swannanoa Gathering in Asheville, North Carolina, tuition and lodging-free. Swannanoa offers a rich variety of hands-on classes with masters of several different instruments and styles.

The grant will cover the cost of tuition and board for classes offered during one of several weeks during the year. Dates for 2013 are the following.

Traditional Song Week July 18-14                 Guitar Week July 29-Aug 4
Celtic Week July 15-21                                  Banjo & Mando Week July 29-Aug4
Old Time Week JulyY 22-28                         Fiddle Week July29-Aug 4

For more information on Warren Wilson College's Swannanoa Gathering, visit

To apply for the grant, please submit a description of your interest in traditional music, background, and why you think you ought to be chosen for a chance to learn from the masters.

Submit your entry for the AFTM grant by February 8, 2013, to: Austin Friends of Traditional Music, P.O. Box 49608, Austin, TX 78765.

Helping the next generation to learn the music, not so much as a way to make a living as to make life itself worth living.